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My thoughts about soy

Hi I’m the Buddhist Chef and today we’re
gonna talk about tofu. Okay first let’s make it
clear, tofu is healthy. It’s rich in protein, calcium, iron, fiber and it’s low in fat. 100 grams of ground beef, 300 calories.
100 grams of tofu, 125 calories. Tofu has been around for centuries
in many Asian countries where the rate of heart
disease and diabetes is lower than in western countries. It’s not gonna give you man’s boobs, don’t worry about it. Of course, you should always buy non-GMO soy. Organic is always a goodchoice. Some people say it’s bland.
Well, try tempeh, you’re gonna love tofu. You can freeze tofu, of course, you can. It lasts for a week in the fridge and if it’s not good, you’re gonna smell it.
Here’s a trick that’s gonna make everybody wanna eat tofu. Coat it in cornstarch, then fry it. You don’t have to deep fry it,  just fry it in a little bit of oil with a little bit of salt. You can do General Tso’s tofu with that, you can put it in a salad. My favorite recipe with tofu: spaghetti sauce. Try to replace your ground
beef by ground tofu. Nobody’s gonna notice and your spaghetti sauce just became
the healthiest, low-fat, no cholesterol meal ever. You can do tofu bacon, scrambled tofu. You can use silken tofu which is soft tofu in desserts,smoothies, vegan cheesecakes, delicious. On the top of it, it’s cheap. Maybe it’s bland, raw chicken is bland…Tofu, we love you