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Posted on August 10, 2021

This easy seitan recipe is perfect for beginners. Use this seitan as a vegan meat substitute in stir-frys, gravies, soups, and sandwiches.


Tomato Fritters

Posted on July 6, 2018

Popular on the island of Santorini, this easy Greek appetizer recipe uses fresh tomatoes and red onions mixed with spices and flour to create the perfect meze.  

Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms

Posted on May 19, 2018

I love mushrooms. Mushrooms just have such a rich earthy flavor and stuffing them is easy to do. Of course, these Vegan Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms top my list! Gluten free...


Energy Bites

Posted on January 19, 2018

There's nothing easier to slip into a lunch box than a few of these mega-healthy energy balls. Super easy to prepare, every single ingredient in them is a nutritional po...


Cashew Cheese

Posted on December 8, 2017

Cashew nuts are vegans’ “go-to” ingredient for good reason. They’re creamy, versatile and easily made into creams, sauces and, above all, cheese! Here’s a well...


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Posted on July 4, 2017

This is the simplest version of chocolate covered strawberries I know. They're beautiful, delicious, and surprisingly easy to make. Have fun and get your kids involved ...


Posted on June 22, 2017

This is my favorite hummus recipe. It's easy to make, very inexpensive and very healthy. Hummus is excellent when paired with fresh vegetables and pita chips. Try hummu...

Red Lentil Koftas

Posted on May 25, 2017

This Middle Eastern dish made with lentils is a must for anyone who loves exotic spices and flavours.  Served with a garden-fresh tomato salad, it’s a tasty combo tha...