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Posted on June 22, 2017

This is my favorite hummus recipe. It's easy to make, very inexpensive and very healthy. Hummus is excellent when paired with fresh vegetables and pita chips. Try hummu...

Red Lentil Koftas

Posted on May 25, 2017

This Middle Eastern dish made with lentils is a must for anyone who loves exotic spices and flavours.  Served with a garden-fresh tomato salad, it’s a tasty combo tha...

vegan guacamole


Posted on July 22, 2016

When it comes to guacamole everybody has a different opinion on how you should do it and what you should put in it. For me, the simpler the better, ripe avocados, shallots,...

Curried Carrot Salad

Posted on July 14, 2016

The perfect potluck dish! Need some meal inspiration for what to take to your next potluck dinner? Look no further. Curried Carrot Salad !!